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An Evening Out with Flapjack Press

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Monday 20 September 8–9.30pm The Edge Theatre, Chorlton

Join the award-winning wordsmiths of Flapjack Press for an evening of performance poetry. Clap in wonder at their words! Gasp in awe at their stagecraft! Cheer in joy at their passion! Relate in rapture to their themes! Faint in surprise at something not on Zoom!

Yes, we’re back out ‘n’ about after a year and a half of staying in. Do please join us to help celebrate the region’s release, relief and its rich heritage of spoken word performance.

Starring Rose Condo, Rob Steventon, Anna Percy, Thick Richard, Geneviève L. Walsh and Tony Curry.

Book your FREE tickets here.

Parental advisory: The evening’s entertainment will contain adult themes and strong language.

About Flapjack Press: “Publishes the most cutting-edge poetic performers.” – Writing Manchester About Rose Condo:“Honest, unflinching, charming and deeply human poetry.” – Dominic Berry, Glastonbury Festival poet-in-residence 2017 About Rob Steventon:“A vital new voice in stand-up poetry. Young, angry and most importantly, very funny.” – Kate Fox, stand-up poet About Anna Percy:“A fabulous, feminist fighter … takes you on a journey into self-exploration and change.” –Shirley May, poet & founding director of Young Identity About Thick Richard:“His words are rattling and brilliant and shoot life back at you in all its futility and chaos and wonder.” – Kae Tempest, poet About Geneviève L. Walsh: “She chooses her language and targets with precision and infuses humour and fight in every verse.” – Henry Normal, poet, film & TV producer About Tony Curry: “This is our poetry, these are our poems.” – Tony Walsh, Glastonbury Festival poet-in-residence 2011

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